Disruptive drone project, with the most advanced proven technology in the world.

Headquartered in Israel, CamiKaze is engaged in the manufacture of premium consumer drone technology and aerial photography systems, based on combat-proven technology. The decades of self-sacrifice our team has endured in the military realm has inspired a level of dedication and technological precision that was previously unimaginable to the civilian consumer. Until today, consumers, athletes, and extreme sports professionals have been forced to compromise, by employing second-rate civilian drone technology.

CamiKaze is the first drone with the platform, hardware, and customizability that make it possible for users to record and share their ‘moment’, in its full glory. Advanced technology enables the CamiKaze to get to places that other drones can’t access, capturing on film every thrill, whether at 20 feet or 20,000 feet.

  •  Compact and Lightweight

  •  Ultra High Vertical Velocity

  •  Multi-Layer Sense and Avoid

  •  Telemetric Target Tracking

  •  Real-time video editing

  •  Complete Autonomy

  •  High G-force Maneuverability

  •  High Service Altitude

  •  Team – Former Israeli air force pilots, former IDF chief of staff.


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