A decentralized loyalty platform that rewards gamers simply for playing

BUFF aims to unite all gamers and create the world’s largest gaming economy.

Participants earn BUFF coins by playing their favorite games. 

BUFF coins can be redeemed for virtual in-game items across various brands and platforms. BUFF’s decentralized gaming loyalty platform is a groundbreaking crypto-economy ecosystem-based only on gamers’ merits, in which gamers earn BUFF coins in direct correlation to their progress, achievements and time spent gaming, regardless of their hardware capabilities. Through its extensive network of corporations with different gaming platforms, BUFF hopes to enable holders of BUFF coins to purchase virtual goods across multiple gaming brands; trade with other holders and gamers on BUFF’s wallet, which is based on blockchain technology for maximal security and transparency.

  •  Buff’s major strategic partner is Overwolf,  a world-leading provider of open software platforms for games.

  •  Overwolf has more than 300 apps in its free app store, a huge gaming community with over 15 million monthly active Users.

  •  Overwolf is going to provide valuable commercial and marketing support to the BUFF app through its distribution channels and massive community.

  •  Overwolf opens our direct channels to top game publishers worldwide.

  •  Holders of BUFF coin will be able to convert their coins into WolfCoins, usable across all games hosted on Overwolf’s app store.


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