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Startup Nation is a group of experienced entrepreneurs, investors and executives optimized to lead the next unicorn. Leveraging in-depth expertise in multiple industries, we identify disruptive innovation across sectors, and bridge the gap between international investors and promising startups.


Here at “Startup Nation” we are very proud of our people: drawn from all corners of the earth, specialists from diverse sectors, this wonderfully mixed group of people are united by a passion for ensuring you invest where the best returns are while building loyalty at every stage.
  • Our team members have been hand-picked for their specialist experts.
  • We conduct daily research to pinpoint the best deals for you.
  • All our specialists are at the forefront of their professions.


Our automated portfolios, customized to suit your long-term goals, are designed and managed for optimal performance and offer market protection.
  • Start today to secure your financial future.
  • Our team is dedicated to locating the best investments for you.
  • We’re by your side, every step of the way.

Feel free to contact our team.

We are available 24/7, just write or call and our representative will call you back.
Jabotinsky St. 2 , Ramat-Gan, Israel
Main Office: +972-50-522-1904